Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pioneri tam i tut - Pioneers here and there #Rammstein via HSHDSH

MOSKAU (raz,dva,tri)
(Pioneri tam i tut)

MOSKAU (posmotri)
(Pesni Leninu poyut)

Moscow (one, two, three)
Pioneers here and there

Moscow (Look!)
(They sing songs to Lenin)

Bring Me My Wine by Sonic Rituals - Tribute to David Bowie

Thane, alone in the buckets of a Mach one only to rise up for glorified rendition so alive. Thane, now alive in the ram of a spiral singularity only to drive on rationalized ignitions so gibe.

(ne mogu ustoyat') / (I cannot resist)

(po stroyu odna) / (to stand alone)

(ya dolzhen platit') / (I must pay)

(poyehali!) / (Go!)

MOSKAU (raz,dva,tri) / Moscow (one, two, three)
(Pioneri tam i tut) / Pioneers here and there

MOSKAU (posmotri) / Moscow (Look!)
(Pesni Leninu poyut) / (They sing songs to Lenin)

Pioneri tam i tut - Pioneers here and there #Rammstein via HSHDSH
Pioneri tam i tut - Pioneers here and there #Rammstein via HSHDSH

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Light of the Night

just another
face in the crowd
just another
mind over matter

Poison thee
with your faith
faith's that
still eludes thee

one shot @ glory
deep within
cryptic black
messiahs thy fire
rain ashes
with silver tears
forgotten past
still echoes voices

circle of trust
enslaves with lust
riddle of truth
still haunts the good

And no holy light
ignites the night
jury of the dark
still lights
the light of the night.

For the dead.....

wake up one morning and I saw the sun hiding on
thousands lay dead & many more struggling to live on

dark clouds swept aside the endless sky
with moans & cries and the tears & fears passing by

*but no one knows why
are we dying
but still we prefer
to die on for them
dying till the day
when we find no more place
for the dead

time & mind keep on working to answer a way
upon which to can find many more thousands around

with the present blackened out & the future unknown
but the reality around me shows me the black hole



The howling wind blazes through the stillness of the night
And as the dawn kisses the night away;
A naked sun shines along the highway
of a life that's been livin' and livin' so lonely......

He refuses to die and believes he'll win someday
the battles of a life that he's been livin' through
and then he pretends that he will be a king someday
but soon he realizes that he's been dreamin'

And as the sun grows old he does feels this pain again
of those times he bore with a smile on his face,
The pain turns numb through the stillness of the time,
As the scars in his memories turn grey,

He knows he is counting his days but knows nothing of time,
The eerie winds had shattered his pride,
Then he sees his shadow creeping behind his life,
with the wishful light fade away to the stillness of the night

Another dawn rustles with lonely wind
Another sun blaze down the road again
Although the scars still chases him;
but he's still fighting strong

Ignited with fury and rage
he stormed into the naked sun
but someday maybe the sun burns down to ashes

But then darkness still rules
can anybody see him?
and the silence speaks on
can anybody hear him?

With his feelings lost
can anybody feel him?
and the pain is gone
can anybody find him?

And the Scars in his Memories turns grey