Thursday, July 22, 2010

Light of the Night

just another
face in the crowd
just another
mind over matter

Poison thee
with your faith
faith's that
still eludes thee

one shot @ glory
deep within
cryptic black
messiahs thy fire
rain ashes
with silver tears
forgotten past
still echoes voices

circle of trust
enslaves with lust
riddle of truth
still haunts the good

And no holy light
ignites the night
jury of the dark
still lights
the light of the night.

For the dead.....

wake up one morning and I saw the sun hiding on
thousands lay dead & many more struggling to live on

dark clouds swept aside the endless sky
with moans & cries and the tears & fears passing by

*but no one knows why
are we dying
but still we prefer
to die on for them
dying till the day
when we find no more place
for the dead

time & mind keep on working to answer a way
upon which to can find many more thousands around

with the present blackened out & the future unknown
but the reality around me shows me the black hole



The howling wind blazes through the stillness of the night
And as the dawn kisses the night away;
A naked sun shines along the highway
of a life that's been livin' and livin' so lonely......

He refuses to die and believes he'll win someday
the battles of a life that he's been livin' through
and then he pretends that he will be a king someday
but soon he realizes that he's been dreamin'

And as the sun grows old he does feels this pain again
of those times he bore with a smile on his face,
The pain turns numb through the stillness of the time,
As the scars in his memories turn grey,

He knows he is counting his days but knows nothing of time,
The eerie winds had shattered his pride,
Then he sees his shadow creeping behind his life,
with the wishful light fade away to the stillness of the night

Another dawn rustles with lonely wind
Another sun blaze down the road again
Although the scars still chases him;
but he's still fighting strong

Ignited with fury and rage
he stormed into the naked sun
but someday maybe the sun burns down to ashes

But then darkness still rules
can anybody see him?
and the silence speaks on
can anybody hear him?

With his feelings lost
can anybody feel him?
and the pain is gone
can anybody find him?

And the Scars in his Memories turns grey

Faith in Fate

muddy tracks
of the one's denied
trailing down
the fields of lust

trembling fear
in the crack of dawn
creeping us
the minds disarrayed

*for frailing tears
don't live another live
creed & color
doesn't needs to lie
chains of dreams
transcends reality
so keep your faith
burning strong & on & on

cast no shadow
when the moon hides on
behind the clouds
of yesterday

foresee the truth
in the morning sky
and keep your faith
burning strong & on & on

The Warm Gun

The believer inside me
Unleashes the
Psychopathic invader in me
Deep into the depths of silence
Where the splinter of imagination
Journeys through the smoke
Risen from the ashes
Of the warm gun!!

The momentary gravity of time
Standstills the
Sculptor invading me
Into frozen madness of ecstasy
As diminished illusions of reality
Ride wishing horses of escape
And travel with the valor
Of the warm gun!!

Then far into
The eternity of nonentity
The battle begins
Fury of the Elemental Forces
Slays the Betrayer
The portrayer
That Thy messiah Thy heaven
For how can imagination nourish
nto a miracle
In a world full of extremes!!

Mesmerizing confusion
Eventually deciphers the mystery
The glory of one man's destiny
Devours the others freedom
In the century of virtuosity
Ironic propulsions borne with time
mirror's reflections of the believer

While heaven dawns
Through the twilight of imagination
Shadows illuminates into
An ethnic tribal transfusion
Of fear of the poison
As slowly it spreads it's veins
Deep in Thy mind and Thy soul
And Thy burns with desire
To flame the green to grey
With handful of ashes
To paint a miracle that lies
Within the boundaries of impossibilities!!

Aggression interfaced
With shallow irreparable obligations
And the devil triggers
Another shot in the cosmic web
of possibilities
As consonant minds coruscate
To pray a prayer
"Bless me Thy Holy One
Bless me with immortal fear"
For Thy wishes the mirage of hope
As Thy walks the desert of life!

Dread Wheelin

Dread wheeling the fortune of life
I am a dying man
The badge of desire
The faith in my mother's heart

I shall burn I will burn
And I must burn in hell
The wrath of my past
Devouring the hands of time

But I must defeat
I must be riding high
Though the angels deceive
I must be my father's pride
My enemies are my only friend
As I hide myself & creep
Beneath the shadows of fear

I must die I will die
And I must go for the kill
Someday, Somewhere
Defeat tragedies of guilt
Yeah the phoenix will flyaway

*Un till Eternity
Wipes the tears
And the scars
Bloodied me rises
From the valley of the dead


I will run
I will run
I must run
Run for glory
Fortune & fame

Dread wheeling the fortune of life
I am a dying man
The badge of desire
The faith in my mother's heart

Repeat* & **

Chains Of Misery

they say that a tired man
have no place on a broken frame
where the old world shadow hangs around.

mad man laughing at the rain
for he can't find the difference in
the rain & the tears he's been shedding

full moon on the midnight sky
and a curse from a weary soul
he's a dying man in shades of pain

deep from the sands of time
the wiping boy is now a man
with little time for the old man & his dreams

*with the tears in a frowning eyes
and a fear in a drowning life
with the urge for another dawn
but the truth on the other side

**chains of misery
don't sing that song any more
chains of misery
don't sing that song any more
it's been so long
since I've been running away

sometimes he wants to live
sometimes he wants to die
but within them is the fear

waiting for the holy call
from the land of the mortals souls
where the shades of time is eternity

and as he breathswith all this pain
he does whispers to the rain
can you wash the stains of my misery

but the faith of this tired soul
is being written by his own damn blood
so I try to creep while he weeps

repeat *


Die a little more....

faith no more

easy like sunday morning

And as we walk on through our lives

Days & night

comes & goes by

story named fate

bleeds on

they don't want to die no more

and they must run for cover

do die a little more

iron maiden

and the prophecy unfolds

plot deepens

my emotions, they won't beg no more

rise & shine

high or low

story named fate

must keep bleeding on

they don't want to run for cover

but they do must run for cover

yeah!! run for cover

as we die, die, die

die a little more