Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Warm Gun

The believer inside me
Unleashes the
Psychopathic invader in me
Deep into the depths of silence
Where the splinter of imagination
Journeys through the smoke
Risen from the ashes
Of the warm gun!!

The momentary gravity of time
Standstills the
Sculptor invading me
Into frozen madness of ecstasy
As diminished illusions of reality
Ride wishing horses of escape
And travel with the valor
Of the warm gun!!

Then far into
The eternity of nonentity
The battle begins
Fury of the Elemental Forces
Slays the Betrayer
The portrayer
That Thy messiah Thy heaven
For how can imagination nourish
nto a miracle
In a world full of extremes!!

Mesmerizing confusion
Eventually deciphers the mystery
The glory of one man's destiny
Devours the others freedom
In the century of virtuosity
Ironic propulsions borne with time
mirror's reflections of the believer

While heaven dawns
Through the twilight of imagination
Shadows illuminates into
An ethnic tribal transfusion
Of fear of the poison
As slowly it spreads it's veins
Deep in Thy mind and Thy soul
And Thy burns with desire
To flame the green to grey
With handful of ashes
To paint a miracle that lies
Within the boundaries of impossibilities!!

Aggression interfaced
With shallow irreparable obligations
And the devil triggers
Another shot in the cosmic web
of possibilities
As consonant minds coruscate
To pray a prayer
"Bless me Thy Holy One
Bless me with immortal fear"
For Thy wishes the mirage of hope
As Thy walks the desert of life!

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