Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chains Of Misery

they say that a tired man
have no place on a broken frame
where the old world shadow hangs around.

mad man laughing at the rain
for he can't find the difference in
the rain & the tears he's been shedding

full moon on the midnight sky
and a curse from a weary soul
he's a dying man in shades of pain

deep from the sands of time
the wiping boy is now a man
with little time for the old man & his dreams

*with the tears in a frowning eyes
and a fear in a drowning life
with the urge for another dawn
but the truth on the other side

**chains of misery
don't sing that song any more
chains of misery
don't sing that song any more
it's been so long
since I've been running away

sometimes he wants to live
sometimes he wants to die
but within them is the fear

waiting for the holy call
from the land of the mortals souls
where the shades of time is eternity

and as he breathswith all this pain
he does whispers to the rain
can you wash the stains of my misery

but the faith of this tired soul
is being written by his own damn blood
so I try to creep while he weeps

repeat *


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